#1: Do you sell new or used games?

Gaming Gators primarily sells gently used games and game accessories. We do have some new product such as Hyperkin products and TCG items. However when it comes to games and consoles, they will be used.

#2: Do you take pre-orders?
Unfortunately we do not take pre-orders on items at this time. We do not typically stock brand new items.

#3: Do all your locations have the same products?
Since we deal with used items and trade-ins, all locations will have different stock. However, if you are in one location and that store does not have what you are looking for, they can certainly look at all of our other locations and see if they have that specific item for you.

#4: What is the return policy?
Exchange or Store Credit ONLY (no cash refunds)
Used video games: 3 days from purchase date on receipt
Used video game console: 14 days from purchase date on receipt
New items: NO RETURN
*Return is VOID if the void sticker is removed from consoles/accessories
**All returns must be accompanied by a receipt
***You can return the item to any of our locations

#5: Can I place something on hold?
We can certainly place something on hold for you. We will hold it for a maximum of 3 days and will take your name and number. If you do not purchase the item before the end of the 3rd day, we will place it back on the shelf for someone else to purchase.
*No new items can be placed on hold
**No "AAA" items can be placed on hold

#6: What if you don't have what I am looking for?
If for some reason you can't find the exact game you are looking for, please give one of our locations a call and we will add you into our texting service that notifies you the moment we receive the specific item!

#7: What is the trade-in process like?
To trade-in your gently used video games, please make sure to visit one of our locations with them items on hand and also make sure you bring a piece of ID with you (must be 18 years of age or older). We will gladly take a look at your items and evaluate them for your trade-in. We will offer you cash or credit for your items.

#8: How do I use my store credit?
To use your store credit, simply tell the employee who is cashing you out that you wish to use your store credit. They will ask you the name it is under and will be able to find it that way. All credit is digital through our systems and never expires!